Powerful hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools

RIT tool - Door opener

Professional door opener – battery powered. Functional battery powered door opener with all the best features of the combi tool. It is now possible to make an opening in rated apartment doors using the unique RIT tool from Weber-Rescue.

With its easy operation and ergonomic design, it is now possible to open rated apartment doors with Weber-Rescue's new RIT tool. The benefit of this RIT tool is that it is a smart combination of a spreader, cutter and door opener. This makes it possible to make an opening in rated doors with just one tool. Switching between the different spreading, cutting and door opening functions is done using individual and easily accessible controls, so you can gain entry to apartments and cut through steel gates etc.


We have probably the most innovative rescue tool on the market, with a strong focus on easy, powerful and fast operation for a quick rescue with the least possible load for the rescuer.

The new innovative RIT tool from Weber-Rescue is an indispensable tool that combines the different functions of spreader, cutter and door opener all in the same tool, making it ideal for the first action at the site of an accident. RIT tools are becoming increasingly popular with both the fire and rescue services and the police.

  • High speed
  • Replaceable spreader tips and door opener tip.
  • Milwaukee batteries (E-force 3)
  • Easy operation with a toggle switch, activated from all positions (E-force 3)
  • Good weight balance
  • Slim and compact design
  • LED light on E-force 3
  • Flexible carrying handle – can be rotated easily for correct ergonomic handling and can even be removed completely.
  • Low maintenance costs due to the innovative design.


RIT tool

Spreading distance 285 mm with standard spreader tip
Spreading distance 295 mm with door opener tip
Spreading force 30 - 36 kN
Cutting force 324 kN
Weight 13.3 kg
Brand Weber-Rescue
Models -

RIT combi tool

Innovative door opener
New apartments have more secure doors than ever. Therefore a rescue action can be delayed, if the door is hard to open. This tool will open the door fast.

The tool can work
The tool is suitable for minor fire stations, who might be the first at an accident. With this tool you'll be able to start the rescue work, while you wait for reinforcements.

Standard Milwaukee Battery
Easy accessible battery. Powerful and reliable batteries for reasonable prices.

Professional battery powered door opener with an ergonomic design

  • High speed and powerful door opener
  • Slim and compact design
  • Innovative RIT combi tool
  • User friendly and safe

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