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Airbags for rescue

Airbags, also called lifting cylinders and lifting cushions, are an ideal solution for people trapped under e.g. vehicles. The airbags create a stable situation, making it safe for both the injured person and the rescuer to free the trapped person.

Airbags, also called lifting cushions, used for rescue are available in two different series; cylinder-shaped 1 bar airbags and cushion-shaped 8 bar airbags.

Airbags – lifting cylinders
Airbags in the form of lifting cylinders are characterized by the high lifting height. The solid construction provides a stable and safe lift, so the rescuer can deal with the trapped or injured person.

Airbags – lifting cushions
Square lifting cushions operate with a pressure of 8 bar, are stable and made of tough material to extend the life of the airbag. The dimpled surface makes it easy to ensure a stable grip and create a safe rescue for both the trapped person and the rescuer.

Airbags – lifting cylinders – 1 bar


Lifting force 3 - 11.9 tons
Lifting height 430 - 1,000 mm
Diameter 610 - 1,220 mm
Insertion height 50 - 100 mm
Compressed air force 295 - 310 l
Weight 8 - 22.5 kg
Brand Weber-Rescue
Models W 6/1, W 9/1, W 13/1 and W 24/1

Airbags – lifting cushions – 8 bar


Dimensions from 55 x 55 mm to 91 x 91 mm
Height 25 - 26 mm
Lifting force 20.3 - 64 tons
Lifting capacity 7 - 32 tons
Lifting height 170 - 180 mm
Demand for compressed air 224 - 1.05 l
Inflation time 13 - 68 sec.
Weight 8 - 23.8 kg
Brand Weber-Rescue
Models W 1, W 3, W 6, W 9L, W 10, W 13, W 14L W 20, W 21L, W 24L, W 25, W 31, W 41, W 52 and W 66

Airbags for rescuing trapped persons

  • Stable and safe lift
  • Tough material
  • Safe for both the trapped person and the rescuer

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