Powerful hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools

Cutters – hydraulic and battery powered

Cutters from Weber-Rescue are designed to be very easy to operate and ergonomically correct. High force, low weight and easy operation are important factors when rescuing people in case of an accident. We probably have the most innovative brand of rescue tools: Weber-Rescue. These powerful cutters are available both as hydraulically powered and battery powered tools.

Powerful and fast cutters from Weber-Rescue for rescuing people in the event of an accident are available as battery powered or with a pump connection. Cutters from Weber-Rescue are quick and safe to use and have a low weight, making them very operator friendly.


Take a closer look at the wide selection of hydraulic and battery driven disengagement cutter tools below.



Hydraulic and battery powered cutters for rescuing people

  • Fast and effective rescuing tool
  • High level of power
  • Easy and safe to handle

Cutters – hydraulic


Opening 50 - 280 mm
Cutting force 19 - 170 tons / 180 - 1,050 kN
Weight 4.2 - 22.4 kg
Models S 50, S 270, RSX 160, RSX 185, RSU 180 Plus, RSU 210 Plus

Cutters – battery powered


Opening 160 - 265 mm
Cutting force x -x tons / x kN
Weight 18.5 - 26.3 kg
Models RSX 160 EF3, RSU 180 Plus EF3, RSU 210 Plus EF3, RSX 185 All Nine EF3

Battery powered cutting tool

The E-Force series from Weber-Rescue with its innovative solutions has set new standards in the field of battery powered rescue tools.

Weber-Rescue have launched 3 E-Force series, where the newest is the E-Force 3 series, where there has been made additional upgrades on the battery powered cutting tool.

  • High speed

  • Replaceable blades

  • Milwaukee 5.0 LA 28 V batteries

  • Easy operation with a toggle switch, activated easily from all positions

  • Optimal weight balance

  • Slim and compact design

  • LED light

  • 360° rotating grip - better storage
  • Flexible carrying handle - can be rotated easily for correct ergonomic handling

  • Low maintenance costs

Powerful motor

Totally unique and powerful motor unit, with a long operation time and perfect ergonomic.

Toggle switch

Innovative toggle switch for opening and closing function by only using one finger - even in difficult positions.

Changable knives

A brilliant and innovative opportunity for changing of worn knives. Only the blade is changed and the knifearm is maintained. Gives long durability and minimizes service and maintenance costs.

Standard battery

The powerful motor unit is powered by a standard Milwaukee battery, which is a very commonly used battery.

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Short delivery times. Large range in stock.

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