Powerful hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools

Battery powered rescue tools; E-Force

The E-Force series consist of innovative and revolutionary products that makes rescue of trapped people more effective. The tools work at a higher speed and has lower maintenance costs compared to other tools. The design is ergonomically correct, which makes the handling of the tools easier in difficult positions. The toggle switch can be operated with only one finger.

Innovative battery driven rescue tool
The E-Force series from Weber-Rescue is the most innovative rescue tool at the market. All E-Force tools works at a higher speed than regular hose rescue tools. The E-Force series provides a faster extrication of trapped people.

Do you want to know more about the E-Force series? We have described some of the biggest features down under.

No doubt about the tool
When a hydraulic clipper does the job, the rescuer knows that the cutter will slow down drastically when the tool is doing the clip. It can be dangerous for the rescuer if they panic with thoughts like “is my tool broken” and “why is the cutter so slow?”. When the adrenalin pumps with panic around you, it’s possible to judge the tool out of order by mistake. This can’t happen with the E-Force. The E-Force series holds a consistent and powerful clip throughout the process. The E-Force series removes all doubt about the tool and provides a safer and faster rescue.

Ready in an instant
The E-Force tools are ready to do the work as soon as you arrive at the accident site. The tool is ready in an instant since there is no need for hoses or pumps. The tool is ready to do the job, as soon as you grab it. As a rescuer the design of the tool has a big impact. The ergonomic design makes the tool easy to handle and maneuver since you can hold the tool tight to your body.

Change parts by yourself
It’s now possible to change parts of the tools on your own at a low price. You can change the knife on a cutter quickly and easily. This makes the maintenance price low. It’s possible to change the knife at anytime, anywhere. It’s also possible to change the innovative tip on the spreader. This is done quickly, easily and makes the maintenance price low in comparison to other alternatives.

Easy to operate with innovative toggle switch
The tools from Weber-Rescue are easy to operate with innovative toggle switch which can be activated from all positions. The toggle switch is operated with a single finger which makes the use of the tools easy in unconfutable positions. The innovative toggle switch indicates clearly about the open / close functions.

From hose to battery
If you have a hose clipper, you can easily change to the E-Force series. It’s possible to purchase the accu-part and replace it on your own tool. It’s very easy to transform a hose clipper to become a part of the E-Force series.

Milwaukee battery
Milwaukee batteries are used in all models of the E-Force series. The batteries are of high quality and easily accessible. The batteries aren’t any special design and is a commonly used battery which makes the prices affordable. It’s possible to change the battery very quickly if needed.

Why is an E-Force series a better choice than a hose rescue tool?

  • Higher speed
  • Reliable and powerful tool
  • Ergonomic correct design
  • Milwaukee batteries
  • Innovative toggle switch
  • Ready to work in an instant
  • Low maintenance prices

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