Powerful hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools

Combi – hydraulic, battery or manual

Ease of use and ergonomics are a high priority in the design of the combi tool from Weber-Rescue. This is probably one of the most user friendly and ergonomically correct combi rescue tools on the market. These powerful combi tools are available as hydraulic powered, battery powered and manually operated tools. The many functions of the combi tool are ideal for complex rescues, where you can alternate between cutting and spreading. The time you save can be critical, as you avoid switching between different tools. The combi tool is ideal as the first action in smaller fire stations.

The combi tool allows you to cut and spread with the same tool, when you are attempting to rescue people in the event of an accident. The combi tool can cut, spread, push and pull all with the same tool, which makes it ideal for complex rescue situations.

The powerful combi tool is extremely user friendly and safe to use for complex rescues.


The combi tool is a flexible combination tool that can cut, spread, push and pull all with the same tool.

The many models of combi tools available provide many different combinations. Some models have removable spreaders, which makes it possible to cut through objects.

Manually operated model with 360 degree pivoting cutting/spreading head.

  • High speed
  • Replaceable spreader tip on some models
  • Milwaukee batteries (E-force 3)
  • Easy operation with a toggle switch, activated from all positions (E-force 3)
  • Good weight balance
  • Slim and compact design
  • LED light on E-force 3
  • Flexible carrying handle – can be rotated easily for correct ergonomic handling
  • Low maintenance costs due to the innovative design.

With the battery powered E-force 3, Weber-Rescue has set new standards thanks to innovative solutions.

Combi tool - hydraulic


Spreading distance 50 - 280 mm
Spreading force 32 - 1,071 kN
Max. cutting force -
Weight 9.7 - 18.3 kg
Brand Weber-Rescue
Models SPS270MK2, SPS360L, SPS370, SPS400, SPS270H

Combi tool - battery powered


Spreading distance 270 - 370 mm
Spreading force 35 - 783 kN
Max. cutting force -
Weight 13.6 - 19.2 kg
Brand Weber-Rescue
Models SPS270MK2-EF3, SPS360MK2-EF3, SPS370MK2-EF3

Combi tool

Two tools in one
The combi tool can be used both as a cutter and a spreader. It's is possible to change between the tools within seconds, which is very smart.

Ergonomically correct design
The tool is ergonomically correct designed. The tool is smaller than other tools, though it's still very powerful. The low weight makes it easy to handle.

Standard Milwaukee Battery
Easy accessible battery. Powerful and reliable batteries for reasonable prices.

Combi tool that is ideal for complex rescue situations

  • User friendly
  • High power and speed
  • Slim and compact design

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