Ergonomic Support Tool

Ergonomic Support Tool

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to safety and innovative problem-solving. This commitment is clearly reflected in our latest innovation – The Weightless Ergonomic Support Arm for Torque Tools.

Ergonomic Support Tool

This comprehensive solution marries our state-of-the-art torque tools with a weightless ergonomic support arm, delivering a faster, more precise bolt-tightening experience. It also efficiently collects data for thorough documentation.

Our support arm guarantees precise execution of bolt tightening tasks in the correct sequence. Our diverse product range is tailored to meet to your unique requirements.

Key benefits:

  • Full mobility for efficient, safe, and effective operations.
  • Comprehensive data logging and documentation for quality assurance.
  • Precise and effortless handling of heavy tools, enhancing task accuracy.
  • Versatile connectivity options for single or multiple torque tools, enabling simultaneous tightening of several bolts.
  • Significant reduction in tool weight, boosting productivity by alleviating operator burden.
  • Capability to handle equipment up to 60 kg, combining strength with flexible and robust design.
  • Operator strain is minimized, reducing static work positions and injury risks.
  • Compatibility with over 29 major components, offering customization and integration to suit diverse needs.

Our solution is specifically designed to:

  • Minimize the physical strain on installers.
  • Reduce overall physical stress.
  • Prevent workplace injuries.
  • Enhance safety, especially when handling heavy equipment ranging from 10 to 60 kg.

Components of the solution:

  • Ergonomic Support Arm for Tools
  • Advanced Torque Tool
  • InHouse Control Unit


We offer a holistic solution aimed at optimizing bolt-tightening processes. This approach ensures efficiency, minimal physical strain on the operator, precision, and most importantly, safety.

Reach out to us and hear how to optimize your productivity and workplace safety with our ergonomic solution.

Delivery time:

Short delivery times. Large range in stock.