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Only the best hydraulic tools are good enough when it comes to fast, easy and safe installation of wind turbines. With the right hydraulic tools it is possible to achieve great savings in the amount of hours used for torque and tension tasks related to installation of wind turbines.

At HYTOR we only use quality tools with high performance and at the same time has a long lifetime. <The brands HYTOR trades within hydraulic tools are all international well-proven brands like Plarad, Tentec, Hi-Force, Equalizer International and F.P.T.

Tools from Plarad are typical used for tasks where nut and bolt are torqued.

Tools from Tentec are typical used for tasks where nut and bolt are tensioned.

Tools from Equalizer International are typical used for spreading to objects apart.

Tools from F.P.T. are ideel for customer specific tools, jacks and pumps.

Tools from Hi-Force are typical used for lifting tasks, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, splitters and pullers.




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