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Mission and set of values

The mission and set of values is solid implemented in the organization. Each and every employee is already at the appointment introduced to HYTOR’s mission and set of values. Not only is the business HYTOR based on the mission and set of values but the daily routines and procedures are affected by it and complied with every day.



  • We want to be the preferred supplier of components, equipment and service to secure that our customers can fulfill the business related challenges they have ahead.
  • We develop high quality solutions which fulfill our customers’ needs. We strive to gain customer loyalty by listening to and understanding the situation they are in by acting as a reliable collaborator.
  • Our company culture attracts and evolves people who thrive in an active environment where personal commitment is crucial.
  • We respect diversity and act responsible towards society and environment thus in business relations. We continuously work at improving our ethical, social, environment- and working environment conduct.
  • We are part of a sustainable collaboration (partnership) with selected suppliers.
  • We want to be the best in our field in order to generate growth and be value adding for our customers, employees and shareholders.


Set of values:

As single person and as organization:

  • place the customer first
  • work committed
  • act responsible
  • Are ready to learn and share knowledge

Build our leadership upon honesty and respect


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