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Dansk Undergrunds Consortium found oil in the North Sea for the first time in 1966. In 1972 the production from the first Danish oil/gas field – the Dan field – was started. The production of Danish oil and gas accelerated in the eighties when a number of new fields were established; Gorm (production start 1981), Skjold (1982), Tyra (1984) and Rolf (1986). At the same time, this was the starting signal to the establishment of a number of onshore sub-supplier enterprises.


One of these enterprises was HYTOR A/S, which was established by Søren Hygom and Jørgen Thorup on 1 August 1981. The company was established as a trading and engineering company with the offshore industry as its primary market. HYTOR had many assignments in connection with the construction of the Tyra field. Among other things the company sold a number of large valves. As this required a special way of trading and a special organisation, the sales activities regarding the large valves were hived off into a separate company: Valtor.


When the extension of the Tyra field had been completed, HYTOR’s turnover was reduced drastically and consequently HYTOR realized that 100% dependency on sales to the operators in the North Sea was too risky.


Expansion of the product range was needed to include products generating more steady and stable sales.

On this basis HYTOR took over the company Komprima in 1986. The business area of this company was pneumatic components and compressors for the industry. Komprima was domiciled at Høgevej 8 in Esbjerg. The product range is further expanded in 2000 HYTOR where own production of stainless, acid-resistant cylinders of a very high quality was established. The cylinders are marketed under the name of AC-Tech.


In 2004 HYTOR succeeded in becoming the Swagelok distributor in Denmark and most of Russia. Swagelok makes severe demands on their distributors. Among other things the establishment of an independent company for the activities was required. Furthermore, a sales office was opened in Moscow in the month of February 2004.


The subsidiary Swagelok is divested in 2011 making it possible for HYTOR again to place focus on the originally HYTOR activities with build of special solutions to the oil and gas industry and industry in general.

In 2014 HYTOR cuts first sod to new domicile.


Niels G. Langerhuus is today sole proprietor and Managing Director of HYTOR.


Today HYTOR employs 58 professional and committed employees.

  • 1972 production of the firs Danish oil and gas field
  • 1981 HYTOR is established
  • 1986 HYTOR takes over Komprima
  • 2000 own production of stainless, acid-resistant cylinders
  • 2004 Swagelok distributor – ”Swagelok Subsidiary”
  • 2008 HYTOR fulfils the ATEX documentation
  • 2010 ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 certified
  • 2011 ”Swagelok Subsidiary”


Med en historie der går mere end 30 år tilbage har HYTOR mange aktiviteter at kigge tilbage på.

I billedgalleriet finder du en udpluk fra årene der er gået hos HYTOR.