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Rent equipment

A wide selection of rental equipment is in stock. In case of urgent need for systems for pressure testing, wellhead control or for chemical dosing we have testunits, wellhead control palenels and pump skids as rental equipment.

The rental equipment is alway serviced and ready for use.

Rental equipment is often also used while waiting for a new system to be build.

At the moment we are working on loading our range of rental equipment to our website, however we are not quit ready yet. Should you therefore have any questions in regards to rental equipment please do not hesitate to contact us på phone or e-mail.


We rent our these type of equipment:


Hydraulic Rental Equipment

  • Torque wrenches and tensioners for bolt tightening
  • Jacks and nutsplitters

Rental Test equipment

  • Portable Reference Pressure and Temperature recorder with datalogger
  • Pressure gauges
  • Pressure recorders 
  • Test pumps / Test units

Rental Chemical Injection Units

  • Portable Chemical Injection unit for all sorts of chemicals

Rental Gas compressor

  • Portable gasbooster (nitrogen testpump)

Rental Leak detection Equipment

  • Ultrasonic Leak detection

Rental High pressure air equipment

  • Compressors
  • Adsorption dryers
  • Refrigeration dryers


Give us a call and we will help design an ideal and cost-efficient combination of equipment and accessories for your job.


All equipment is serviced at HYTORs own workshop after rental and - if relevant - calibrated with regular intervals.


One call will do and our 24/7 service will ship off the rental equipment.

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