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Project handlling

HYTOR emphasis competent project management. We base the project handling on principles as; focus on determined goals and solid management from project start to project delivery, which are important steps towards delivery of projects of high quality and in time.

As customer, you are always close to your projects at HYTOR. A close and continuous dialog from project beginning until delivery ensures that expectations balance.

Phase of specification
When specifying a product (any given system solution) we as a supplier place emphasis on including all details – the difference is in the detail. In collaboration, we find the best suited solution that fits the specific need you as customer have. We always advise the optimum solution also based on “best practice” – a solution that also has a long lifetime.

Once the specifications are in place the engineering department takes over and designs a solution in 3D AutoCad. The design is adjusted and potential amendments are coordinated and carried out prior to project kick off.

The Project Manager
The Project Manager plays a unique role and participates from the very first meetings between HYTOR and you as customer The Project Manager has the dialog with you as customer throughout the entire project ensuring that the project safely is carried through our organization. At HYTOR it’s the attitude that the Project Manager is the internal team leader and thereby also the managerial performing part in projects. The Project Manager keeps tract of the mechanisms and coworkers involved in the projects. In practice, this means that a “mutual language” is established between the Project Manager and the Project Participants ensuring that all involved parties has the same perception of goal and methods. This generates results also for you as customer. It makes you as customer secure and confident thus you at the same time, you only have one contact person with us as sub-supplier.

Production and delivery
The project is closely followed throughout the production face and daily internal meeting are held between Project Managers and Project Participants securing that agreements, plans and schedules are meet. Finally, the product passes quality control in collaboration between the Project Manager and the design responsible prior to delivery.
Delivery is complete when complete documentation package is delivered and the customer is satisfied.


At HYTOR you project is in safe hands. Clear guidelines, common understanding for the goal and an organization willing to adapt HYTOR performs the task according to customer expectations – so you as customer can sleep calm at night.

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