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System solutions

System solutions the for oil & gas industry

We deliver customized system solutions within chemical dosing, pump units, hook ups, spooling units, wellhead control, gasboosters, pressure testing and other hydraulic and pneumatic control.

We have our own technical department along with a workshop, that is specialised in design, construction, structure and tests of complete system solutions.

In many years, we have delivered system solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. According to customer specifications, we will composite and construct a system solution, that fulfills you and your company's needs. All system solutions is of course thoroughly tested, and ready for operation.

All our system solutions always meets the strictest international standards.  We are able to deliver single panels with few components, as well as very complex control and system solutions.

We have delivered system solutions in more than 25 years, for countless customers within the oil & gas industry. A industry, with very high demands to all equipment. Our many years of experience, along with our skills, makes us capable of designing complex system solutions that is compact, service friendly and extremely reliable.

Examples of system solutions for the oil & gas industry

Beneath this text, you will find a number of examples of system solutions and other products, we have supplied the oil & gas industry with. Some of the products we have supplied out customers within the oil & gas industry is gasboosters, stationary wellhead controls, remote wellhead controls, chemical dosing, chemical distribution and much more.

No job is to complicated for our specialised technicians, and we are happy to supply technical advice for you and your company.

You are always welcome to contact one of our consultants for further information and more references. We can be reached at 7913 0000. You are of course also welcome to e-mail us at info@hytor.com.

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