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Components of high quality for the oil & gas industry

We deliver process components of high quality to the oil & gas industry. Our process components meets many of the strictest international standards. Our selection of process components for the oil & gas industry is diverse and versatile, which means that you will find components within compression fittings, instrumentation, pumps, flow gauges, level gauges, temperature gauges, pilot valves, safety valves, gasboosters, etc.

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Pumps, Gasboosters & Amplifiers

Control & Regulation

Flow instruments


Level indicators

Tubing & Hoses

Valves; solenoid, safety & needle

Temperature measurements

Instrument Cabinets & Heaters

Pressure Instruments

Pumps, gasboosters & amplifiers

Have have a wide selection of dosing pumps, gasboosters, fluid pumps and pneumatic amplifiers for the oil & gas industry. Many of the products in this category is produced of the acknowledged supplier, Milton Roy & Haskel.

Tubing & hoses

Some of the components you will find in our selection, er tubes and hoses. Among other things, you will find hydraulic hoses and instrumental tubes. All of our products is of a very high quality. We exclusively do business with products of acknowledged suppliers, with a reputation of supplying products of high quality.


Cabinets & Heaters

We are distributing cabinets and heaters from Intertec, who is famous for delivering products of high quality to the oil & gas industry.

As you might notice, HYTOR has countless of components for the oil & gas industry. You will without doubt be able to find the component you need. Should there be a product you need, but can’t find in our selection, or if you wish to receive more information or references about a product, you are very welcome to call us at 7913 0000, or by e-mail at info@hytor.com.