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Hydraulic control systems

The entirety is in the detail

-From component to complete customized hydraulic control system.

Experience, Know-How and competence gathered over more than 30 years as a supplier to the oil and gas industry make HYTOR a strong partner for the supply of customized hydraulic control systems.

Hydraulic control systems from HYTOR, among others, includes stationary and portable wellhead control panels (WCP), for control of wellheads. WCP’s from HYTOR is constructed by approved and acknowledged components.

With the capacity to supply hydraulic control systems according to a wide range of standards, norms and set of rules, i.e. CE, PED, ATEX, NORSOK, MOTS and similar customer standards. With a quality hydraulic control system from HYTOR, the strictest international standards in the oil- and gas industry is fulfilled.

Positioned in the market as a proven reliable supplier, we utilizes this strength to innovate value-adding hydraulic control systems. Always placing the customer first, we are a dedicated best practice supplier of hydraulic control systems. Also after the installation!

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Hydraulic control panel

Hydraulic panels for control of valves or the like.

Power Back - Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

Complete Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) including pump and accumulator section.

Welhead control panel- stationary

WHP panel for permanent installation for control of Wing, Marster and SSSV.

Wellhead Control Panel - remote

Portable WHP to control Wing, Master and SSSV during wellservice.