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10/25/2016 10:22:50 AM

Renewed Certificate of Qualification for 2017

10/25/2016 10:22:50 AM

The Achilles JQS is used the oil and gas companies and main contractors on the Norwegian and Danish continental shelves. The objective of the participating companies is to establish the majority of bidder lists by use of the qualification system.


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HYTORs qualification concerns the following product categories:


1.04.01 Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps
1.04.02 Reciprocating Pumps
1.04.03 Diaphragm Pumps
1.04.99 Other Pumps and Accessories
1.06.03 Electric Heaters
1.10.01 Pressure Instruments
1.10.02 Temperature Instruments
1.10.03 Level Instruments
1.10.04 Flow Instruments
1.10.06 Instrument Tubing and Fittings
1.10.11 Control Panels and Control Stations
1.10.99 Other Instrument / Communication and Process Control Equipment / Materials
1.11.04 Hydraulic Units and Accessories
1.18.03 Chemical Injection Systems
1.18.99 Other industrial Equipment, Packages and Units
2.01.01 Seamless Pipes and Tubes
2.01.04 Hoses
2.02.02 Check Valves
2.02.03 Control Valves and Accessories
2.02.04 Safety Valves and Accessories
2.02.06 Solenoid Valves
2.02.08 Ball Valves
2.02.13 Needle Valves
2.02.99 Other Valves and Accessories
2.11.01 Workshop Equipment, Tools and Accessories
3.05.15 Bolt Tensioning Services
3.05.20 Maintenance / Modification of Pumps and Rotating Equipment
3.05.30 Valve Management Services including testing and repair
3.05.99 Other Construction / Maintenance Service
3.07.98 Other Inspection Services
3.99.06 Rental of Equipment


HYTOR's qualification is based on a certified QA system and valid until 12. november 2017

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