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Technical dialog and guidance at the customers site

5/10/2017 1:12:59 PM / By aml@hytor.dk

As a company, we take pride in providing the best technical knowledge to our customers providing them with the best opportunity to make the right choice in regards to products.

HYTOR is awarded with the highest quality hallmark once again and gets the 'Silver diploma'.

New ERP system per 2. January 2017

12/7/2016 10:13:07 AM / By aml@hytor.dk

Last shipment before Christmas is therefore the 20th december 2016. Order your parts today and get them before christmas.

Renewed Certificate of Qualification for 2017

10/25/2016 10:22:50 AM / By aml@hytor.dk

HYTOR has recently renewed its qualification in the Achilles Joint Qualification System.

Renewed ISO certification

9/15/2016 9:20:47 PM / By aml@hytor.dk

Renewed certification according to ISO is achieved and HYTOR shows continuous commitment for ongoing improvements, customer satisfaction and uniform products.

New tools concept to be introduced at WindEnergy in Hamburg

9/1/2016 8:15:36 AM / By sru@hytor.com

Visit us at hall B7 booth 330

HYTOR is attending ONS 2016 in Stavanger

8/29/2016 2:30:28 PM / By aml@hytor.dk

Meet us at booth 5540 in Hall 5

HYTOR A/S and eptools a/s under the same ownership

1/28/2016 5:24:39 PM / By admin@hytor.dk

eptools a/s has been sold to the owner of HYTOR A/S, which means that the two companies are now sister companies as of 1 January 2016. ”Having eptools as a sister company to HYTOR will make it possible to create a strategic co-operation based on complementary products”, says manager and owner Niels G. Langerhuus.

How efficient is our hydraulic tools?

9/7/2015 12:41:30 PM / By admin@hytor.dk

Try out our hydraulic tools and get a closer look at our instrumentation program at HI exhibition from 22nd to 24th September 2015.

HYTOR invites to reception

4/30/2015 12:42:54 PM / By admin@hytor.dk

Drop by and see the new facilities Friday 22. May 2015 p.m. 1 - 5

New logo to support enhanced profile

3/26/2015 11:57:33 AM / By admin@hytor.dk

Significant development and increased focus on the individual business areas is unified with a more

contemporary logo.

New address and phone number as per 7 April 2015

3/26/2015 11:29:09 AM / By admin@hytor.dk

HYTOR relocates to a newly built domicile on Guldborgsundvej in Kjersing, Esbjerg on 7 April 2015.

”HYTOR’s revolutionary new design in fire safety valves”

1/13/2015 2:27:32 PM / By admin@hytor.dk

 Read the interesting article on the new HYTOR FSV valve that eliminates leakage by the fire safety kit prior to first shutoff valve.

HYTOR supports the fight against cancer

10/31/2014 10:38:03 AM / By admin@hytor.dk

– a decease still more are diagnosed with.

You can support too.

HYTOR cuts the first sod to a new domicile

10/7/2014 2:09:17 PM / By admin@admin.com

Several years with growth and prosperity makes HYTOR outgrow the facilities on Høgevej. HYTOR therefore builds a new domicile of 5.650 m2 at Guldborgsundvej in Kjersing, Esbjerg - very close to the motorway.

Meet HYTOR at HI13

9/15/2014 8:26:10 AM / By admin@hytor.dk

Meet our technicians and get a closer look at the broad selection of hydraulic tools 3-6. September 2013

Looking back at an OTD exhibition with good activity

9/15/2014 8:23:50 AM / By admin@hytor.dk

Just returned from Offshore Technology Days in Stavanger HYTOR looks back at two days with good activity.

HYTOR supports the battle against Cancer

8/8/2014 8:22:04 AM / By admin@admin.com

HYTOR supports the important work in the battle against a disease still more and more are diagnosed with.

Customers are this satisfied with HYTOR

8/7/2014 12:13:52 PM / By admin@admin.com

Once again customersatisfactory shows that customers are very satisfied with HYTOR.

Renewed 'Certificate of Qualification' for 2016

8/7/2014 12:10:55 PM / By admin@admin.com

HYTOR has recently renewed its qualification in the Achilles Joint Qualification System.