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System solutions

System solutions for the general industry

We can supply solid customized system solutions within process engineering, dosing systems, hydraulic & pneumatic control and more for the general industry.

Our own technical department and workshop makes us capable of designing, constructing, building and testing complete and professional system solutions.

For countless years, we have delivered professional system solutions for customers within the general industri. According to customer specifications, we can deliver a professional, thoroughly tested and operational unit.

All of our system solutions meets the strictest international standards.

 Contact Person

Peter Førby

Peter Førby

Oil & Gas

+45 2121 3380
+45 7913 0017

We can deliver system solutions in all sizes

We can deliver professional system solutions in various sizes. Not only do we supply our customers with big and complex system solutions and process plants, we also deliver smaller and more simple units with fewer components.

Our technicians are specialised within their field and has great experience with construction. This gives us the capacity to develop, design, construct and supply system solutions within process engineering, dosing systems, process control, hydraulic and pneumatic control. We are happy to share our experience with you, so feel free to contact us.

For more than 25 years, we have delivered professional system solutions for large international customers within the general industry, which has contributed to developing our skills to an extraordinary high level.

We can construct system solutions in cabinets, in different materials. For example, we have delivered system solutions in cabinets of plastic, painted metal and stainless steel.


Examples of system solutions for the industry

Beneath this text you will find some examples of system solutions and products, we have supplied the general industry with. Some of the products vi have supplied our customers with, is very complex dosing systems, pressure testers and hydraulic systems.

You are always welcome to contact one of our consultants, if you wish to receive more information about our products and references.

We can be reached at 7913 0000.

Naturally, you are also welcome to reach us by e-mail at info@hytor.com.