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At HYTOR HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is a crucial competitive resource.

We work determined and hard to avoid any accidents and for us it is a matter of course that we thing before we act. Employees at HYTOR is from the very beginning at the appointment informed that we place focus on and work committed with HSE. It is important that all employees at HYTOR participate in the active work with HSE.

In everyday work life, we register “near miss” accident. A registration that contributes to place focus on a given incident before it becomes an accident.

Avoiding accidents is a part of the employee bonus program meaning that avoiding accidents trigger a bonus for each employee. This contributes to a continuous focus on the HSE issue.

However should an accident occur and it involves personal injury then a catalogue of light duties are established securing the injured employees rapidly can resume work.

The impressive work environment statistics from the latest years prove that the strategy of continuous focus is the way forward – HYTOR has 0 registered work related accidents.

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