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Milton Roy

Since 1936 where the first Milton Roy pump was invented Milton Roy has been a strong and acknowledged band within dosing pumps. Milton Roy is American with headquarter in Ivyland, PA, USA.
In 1966, the French company Dosapro enters a close collaboration with Milton Roy family and the two companies work together in developing controlled volume pumps – a partnership that is highly lucrative which later on makes Dosapro to a subsidiary to Milton Roy.

Over time Milton Roy acquires a long list of complimentary brand on the market, most know is:

  • Hartell
  • LMI
  • Robin Industries
  • Williams
  • YZ systems
  • Haskel
  • PPI
  • Dosatron
  • Solaroy
  • Accudyne

All Brands under the Milton Roy umbrella has since 1991 been managed by Sundstrand Corporation.

All brands has sincen 1991 been managed under Sundstrand, who mergers with Hamilton in 1999. Hereafter all brands are managed by Hamilton Sundstrand who in 2012 is acquired by BC Partners and The Carcyle Group merging into Accudyne Industries LLC. The parant company to Milton Roy is today Accudyne Industrires LLC.

From Milton Roy HYTOR primary trades dosing pumps. 

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